Our Vision 

E & LSchool empowers every child to become a complete individual who:

  • excels both in academics and life,
  • emerges into a successful professional and a good human being,
  • becomes an entrepreneur as well as an enlightened being and
  • thinks by head and acts by heart.

     Our Mission

E & L School imparts “complete education” through 3-in-1 programme which focuses on :

  • Excellence in Schooling
  • Excellence in Career Foundation
  • Excellence in Life Skills

This 3-in-1 programme under a single roof helps students save time and energy, thereby increasing the efficiency of students.At Matrusri E & L School, every child experiences the ‘joy of learning’, as we teach through audio-visual equipments backed with scientifically and creatively developed teaching content, colourful textbooks and workbooks.The E & L School not only prepares students to excel in academics and competitive exams, but also lays foundation for them to make a mark in life. This 3-in-1 programme also makes education the most affordable and cost-effective school programme.