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Innovative and effective visual aided teaching

Visual aided teaching method is 6 times more effective than conventional black board method.

Scientifically designed learning system

    Scientifically designed learning system in the form of workbooks provided to the student.
    It saves valuable time in classroom.

Benefits to students

    It enables the student not only to understand subject easily but also to get a strong hold on the subject.
    The workbooks include assignments. The study material is also designed to ensure development of intellectual skills of the student.

Maths made easy

This 3-level approach is an innovative, effective, revolutionary and result-oriented approach which has made learning of Maths an experience of joy. This method aims to make every child to MASTER MATHS and become confident to solve problems on his own.

This is a 3-way approach in science which includes

inspiring and motivating the child through audio-visual presentations which bring out the concepts live on screen and reinforcement through scientifically designed study material. Activity based learning in Maths & Science helps students to have hands on experience on the

Social Studies is associated with the myth that it is ‘boring’and difficult.

To make learning of Social Studies easy and stress-free the school has come up with a 2-fold method.

  • Audio-visual presentations with apt and lucid content and visuals which include video clippings and real-life-scenes of great personalities.
  • Easy-to-understand, systematically designed study material.

This is an innovative method to add life to language learning. A few poems are composed into melodious songs. Some topics are dramatized and enacted in class. Few topics are given for self study and presentations.

High School Education (6th to 9th)

Highlights of Languages

Summary : Summary of the lesson for better understanding.
Simplicity : Simple language.
Solutions : Clues provided for exercises.
Grammar Support : Brief explanation of grammar elements introduced in the lesson.
C.C.E Model : Designed keeping in view the requirements of C.C.E pattern.
Lucid Answers for Questions.
Exercises : for additional practice provided.

Highlights of Mathematics Work book

Simplified Text Book

Easy understanding : Easy to understand in single reading.
Simplicity : Concepts explained in short, simple and easy way.
Creativity : Creatively written to develop interest and love for subject.
Self Learning : Enhances self learning skills.
Wide Outlook : Wide coverage of problems

Strong concepts : Designed to strengthen concepts.
Application Skills : Develops applications of concepts.
Skills development : Improves logical thinking and analytical skills.
Problem Solving ability : Improves ability to solve the problem.
Academic standards : Improves academic standards in each concept.
Self assessment tools : Develops self confidence through self assessment
tools like- ‘test yourself’.
C.C.E Model : Designed keeping in view the requirements of C.C.E pattern.