3600 Educational Service & Solution Provider

MATRUSRI GROUP is an amalgamation of experience, excellence and expertise of multiple segments in educational field like Pre-primary, Primary, High school, Career foundation,Research & Development, Curriculum & content development, Visual aided &Technology aided content, Publications, Teacher training and Rural schools empowerment.is the segment with a mission of providing “complete solutions” to the educational challenges of schools. 264 schools & 129 towns in AndhraPradesh and adjacent states are testimony for this.





Matrusri E-Power
Imparting quality education to all,affordably.





Zorac Metro
Total school empowerment from KG to 12th class designed for Metros.



Edu Power Point
franchisee vertical of MATRUSRI group.



Teacher Training & School Management Programmes.



Matrusri Educational Academy
promotes Career Foundation courses like IIT / Medicine Foundation,Maths Olympiad & NTSE from VI to X classes.


Zorac Technologies Pvt.Ltd
R & D center for next generation educational products & services.





Matrusri publications
IIT Foundation Packages for grades VI to X for self paced learning.





Matrusri E&L School
A School with the philosophy of bringing children closer to life,Nature and Self and Laying foundations for future Entrepreneurs & Leaders.




A Pre-primary division of Matrusri E&L School
unique 6Q concept for complete empowerment of a child.